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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Initial aims and objectives

The following are the key aims and objectives for the project.
  • To design, implement and fully test a wave-shaping model of a Laney Cub 10 vacuum tube guitar amplifier in VST plug-in format.
Secondary aims:
  • To critically evaluate wave-shaping techniques as a method of amplification modelling.
  • To show an insight into the alternative methods of amplification modelling.
  • To document the development process of the VST plug-in.
  • Record and analyse output from the amplifier within a certain frequency band.
  • Produce initial designs using a high-level graphical audio programming language of wave-shaping functions to be used to emulate amplifier output.
  • Design and implement a functioning filter modelled on the behaviour of the tone stack of the amplifier.
  • Review literature in the area of guitar amplification modelling, wave-shaping techniques and vacuum tube amplification.
  • Perform experiments using wave-shaping polynomials to evaluate different techniques.
  • Produce C++ algorithms for wave-shaping/harmonic polynomial designs to be implemented using the VST SDK.

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